Directors team

The Director's board

From left to right: Eric Suszylo, Olivier Spicker, Christine Lietard, Matthieu Simonnet, Olivier Grimaud, Jacques Vallot.


Olivier Spicker

Olivier Spicker

President & CEO

18 years’ experience in the automobile industry. International experience managing plants in the US, Mexico and Europe.

15 years at Carbone Lorraine in production, processes, product engineering, sales and general management positions.

Master of Science

Engineering in Electrical (INSA Lyon)

Matthieu Simonnet

Matthieu Simonnet


25 years of experience in the US, France and Italy.

Senior Finance Executive in finance, consolidation, administration.

Master in Business and Administration from ESLSCA Paris

Eric Suszylo

Sales VP

Over 20 years’ experience in sales, solid international experience, based in the US.

14 years’ experience in the automobile industry within Carbone Lorraine.

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble (INPG).

Jacques VALLOT

VP Operations

30 years’ experience in the electrical industry and automotive. 15 years in design and industrialization (France-Mexico-Spain) then 15 years in plants management (Morocco- Tunisia).

Master in mechanical engineering (INSA Lyon)

Christine Lietard


After 18 years with Carbone Lorraine, Christine has become a world expert in the domain of Graphite and its application to electrical engines.

Master of Science – Chemical Engineering from IGC Toulouse



Purchasing & productivity VP

20 years of experience in brushcards in Projects, Engineering, Purchasing and sales in AVO, Carbone Lorraine and Avocarbon (France, Mexico, Tunisia and China)

Master in General Engineering (Polytech Tours)