AVOCarbon cumulates 80 years of excellence in its domain.

By bringing together the strength and knowledge of such former industry leaders as Carbone Lorraine, Stackpole Carbon, AVO, Kirkwood Carbon, and ECS, AVOCarbon concentrates a unique know-how and experience in carbon brushes and assemblies.

History – 80 years of excellence


1930 – Beginning of carbon brush manufacturing in Spanishy

1968 – Opening of production facility in Amiens, France (brushes)

1989 – Stackpole acquisition in the USA (brushes)

1994 – Startup of assembly plant in Monterrey, Mexico

1996 – Acquisition of Madras Carbon in India (brushes)

2001 – Acquisition of AVO in France & Tunisia (brush holders)

2002 – Opening of plant in Kunshan, China (brush holders)

2003 – Joint venture with Kirkwood Carbon (brushes)

2008 – Initiate Brazilian transfer to German plant, start of choke manufacturing in Kunshan, China

2009 – Carbone Lorraine exits automotive business, AVOCarbon created May 1st, 2009

2009 – Acquisition of former ECS Korea and China assets on October 1st, 2009

2016 – Producing 1 billion brushes, 200 millions assemblies and 150 millions chokes per year

2017 – Cyclam becomes a subsidiary of AVOCarbon group



AVOCarbon operates 8 manufacturing facilities located in 7 countries, covering America, Europe, Middle and Eastern Asia.

  • Motor carbon brush manufacturing | Brush assemblies | Inductors
  • Brush development center | Brushcard development center